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For a state that can proudly include itself as one of the original thirteen colonies, it's nice to see a hearty, if somewhat scattered collection of online materials.
Connecticut Colonial Records
For starters, the Connecticut State Archives includes seven name lookup databases that generally provide a full name and place of residence, along with a pointer to offline records. There are some important African-American and Native American resources included here:
  • Litchfield County Court Cases Minorities Collection
  • New London County Court Cases African Americans Collection
  • New London County Court Cases Native Americans Collection (The court cases include the charges filed, such as lascivious carriage of a black man towards a white woman).
  • Fitch's Home for Soldiers Database -- Civil War and Spanish American War
  • Noble Pension Database--Ditto
  • World War I Veterans Database
  • Wethersfield Prison Records, 1800-1903, includes the crime and the prison term.
The archives also has online exhibits:
Connecticut Floods of 1955
Log Book of Slave Traders between New London and Africa, 1757-8
Happily, the Digital Collections of the Connecticut State Library offers a lot of additional material. Along with the usual collections of governor's papers and state publications, you'll find:
  • Account Books, Diaries, and Journals
  • Aerial Photographs, 1934 and 1956
  • Agriculture Images
  • Buildings and Structures
  • Colt`s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company
  • Connecticut State Library History
  • Connecticut WWII Veterans Commemorative Booklets
  • Court Documents
  • Founding Documents of Connecticut
  • Henry Whitfield House Restoration and Landscaping Projects, 1900-1940
  • Select Items from the Archives and Library
  • Merritt Parkway Construction
  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • Newspapers of Connecticut
  • Personal and Family Vital Records
  • Samuel Wyllys Court Papers, 1663-1728, including withcraft trials.
  • September 11, 2001: Connecticut State Government Responds
  • Treasures of Connecticut Libraries
  • WPA Architectural Survey

Lastly, the University of Connecticut links to a collection, The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, 1636-1776
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