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Delaware is a small, historic state with a small, historic archives department. I'm happy to note that Delaware"s online archives are very neatly arranged in a series of collections. 
Civil War photos, diaries, letters, newspapers, military records and more.

100 Stories - A hundred years of Delaware history, 1905-2005, in a hundred online artifacts.

Photographs - A large collection of medium resolution images arranged by themes. 

Documents - Assorted records of state history, including muster rolls from the Civil War and WWII service records.

Audio Selections - From WWII to desegregation to baseball, and more in between.

Maps - From 1688 to the present.

Mabel Lloyd Ridgley Research Room in case you want a view of the archives' facilities.

 The Archives Department has an unusual arrangement with for free access to Ancestry's Delaware records. You need to have a state library card in order to make use of these freebies, however.

You can find a few more odds and ends at the Delaware Historical Society, although very little of their content is digitized.

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