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It takes a good tracker (think Daniel Boone!) to find the rich collection of digital materials available for Kentucky.
You won't find a lot of digital archived material at the website of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. Instead, the site offers an e-archives section where you can search for a wide variety of state government documents and records, including Civil War era pension records.
The search results tell you where the documents are filed and you can then order a copy, for a fee, from KDLA. Just don't expect to pull up a PDF of the record online. Ain't gonna happen.
Oddly, the KDLA doesn't include a link -- or make any mention, as far as I can tell -- of the Kentuckiana Digital Library, a rich online collection of more than half a million items, including books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, maps, manuscripts and oral histories. Their Kyleidoscope page organizes the content by themes such as Growth of a New State or Industrial Kentucky.
Over at the Kentucky Historical Society, there's additional online content to choose from. The site features a number of digital collections, including:
  • Burley Tobacco Oral History Project
  • Calk Collection
  • Chescheir Family Collection
  • Churchill Weavers Collection
  • Civil Rights in Kentucky Oral History Project
  • Community Memories Project
  • Family History Presentations and Handouts
  • Holocaust Survivors Oral History Project
  • Kentucky Constitutional Convention, 1890-91
  • Manuscripts
  • Maps and Atlases
  • Martin F. Schmidt Collection
  • Museum Artifacts, Paintings and Art
  • North Frankfort (Craw) Real Estate Appraisals
  • Ohio River Portrait Project
  • Oral History and Audio Visual Materials
  • Photographs and Negatives
  • Printed Materials
  • Ronald Morgan Postcard Collection
  • Survivors of the Bataan Death March Oral History Project
  • Visual Materials

The University of Kentucky offers a valuable family history tool with its Kentucky Vital Records Index. You can search for deaths (1911-1992), marriage (1973-1993) and divorce (1973-1993). Oddly, no online birth records are available.
All in all, there's a lot of online material scattered about for Kentucky history. Happy hunting!
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