Discover you family history through historical newspapers at Newspapers.com


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Discover you family history through historical newspapers at Newspapers.com

Oklahoma is OK...and so is a modest but important collection of online content from the Oklahoma State Archives
A selection of archived Collection Highlights has  descriptions of mostly offline content, but one worthwhile online document:
Index to Oklahoma Confederate Pension Records  includes full name, spouse's name, date of death, and microfilm identifcation information.
At the Oklahoma Digital Prairie you'll find diverse collections of documents, images and artifacts, including: 
  • Federal Publications About Oklahoma
  • 100 Years of Oklahoma Governors
  • Oklahoma Authors
  • Oklahoma Postcards
  • Oklahoma State Government Publications *
  • Tulsa Race Riot Documents
  • Cultural Crossroads (Mostly radio programs, with a few documents as well)
  • Oklahoma State Archives Finding Aids
  • Oklahoma Almanacs
  • Ada Lois Sipuel v Board of Regents University of Oklahoma, 1948
  • (the first African-American woman admitted to the University of Oklahoma law school in 1948)

At the Oklahoma Historical Society  you'll find a rich collection of online materials along with more descriptions of offline materials. This is a particularly good resource for family history research:

  • Search Obituaries from the Oklahoman (index only) 1972-2009
  • Dawes Final Rolls 1898-1906  (Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory -- Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole)
  • Oklahoma County Marriage Records 1889-1930  (index includes name, spouse, date of marriage, and pointer to offline record). 
  • Extracts from Smith's First Directory of Oklahoma Territory For the Year Commencing August 1st, 1890   (names of soldiers, and their unit).
  • The Gateway is a terrific newspaper and photo collection, from the 1840s to 1920s.
Some other items from the Historical Society:
  • ·         1889 Oklahoma County Land Database & Map

    ·         1890 Oklahoma Territorial Census Index

    ·         1896 Applications for Enrollment

    ·         1901 El Reno Land Lottery - Names Drawn

    ·         1901 Land Lottery Tickets (did not receive land)

    ·         1933 Unemployment Relief Census

    ·         Brick Stories

    ·         Deaths in OKC 1918, 1920-23

    ·         Divorce records from Oklahoma County

    ·         Grant County Marriages

    ·         Grant County, Mills Funeral Home

    ·         Grant County, Wilson Funeral Home

    ·         Hastain's Township Plats of the Creek Nation

    ·         Incorporation Records - OK and Indian Territories

    ·         Military Deaths

    ·         Moore's Seminole Roll and Land Guide

    ·         Oklahoma City Death Register, 1908-1926

    ·         Oklahoman Obituary Index

    ·         Probate Records from Oklahoma County, 1890-1928

    ·         School Reports - Dawes Records


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